Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tattooed Banana

Okay, I have to come clean about something: I don't make my own lunches. Marissa is a real blessing in so many ways, one of which is her daily packing of my midday meal. I'm fully capable of doing this; she just really likes doing it for me. Besides, it's fun: I never know what I'll find. She usually surprises me in more than one way.

There is one thing I've come to expect. A quick little note of love and/or encouragement on my napkin (I tried to save them all but it got real messy real quick). I got that today (thank you, Sweetheart). But I also got another sort of note. Although I can't be certain, I think the banana she sent for a snack managed to get drunk last night and stumble into a tattoo parlor. Kids these days! Honestly!

Anywho, my banana thought it pertinent to tell me that it was for eating. "EAT ME!!" was scribed in blue ink down the length of its peel. So I did (with much peanut butter of course). Yum! I would have saved the peel to see how truly permanent its tattoo was, but alas! My nose can handle the smell of rotting fruit for only so long. Maybe it'll be one of the tough guys at the landfill...

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