Friday, September 3, 2010

A Vision Of Seven Rings

I saw seven large rotating rings. Each ring spun and twisted in such a way that I thought at first they were gyroscopes. The seven rings flew around, making different patterns, including the letters V, H, and I. One ring stood out as the leader; the other six followed it in making the formations. The leader ring flew close and I saw that it was made of polished gold. Then the other six rings flew by; they were, in order, red, green, blue, purple, yellow, and orange.

Then the seven rings stopped rotating and arranged themselves in a straight line, opening to opening, like a tunnel. The moment the rings aligned, a blast of hot, white light shot through them, left to right. The blast filled the inside of each ring and lasted for several seconds. Then I rode on the back of a great eagle as it soared through the line of rings, its spread wings glancing off each ring as we passed.

After flying through the seventh ring, the eagle spiraled down to gaze on a dark valley surrounded by seven mountains. The darkness in the valley was caused by the mountains' shadows. The mountains seemed to lean in on the valley, threatening to crush it under a massive avalanche. Then, rotating once again, a ring came to rest on the peak of each mountain. The mountains began to crumble beneath the rings, rubble from each piling into the valley until it began to rise as a mountain higher than the other seven.

Atop this new mountain was a golden cross shining with its own light. As the cross rose higher on the growing mountain, it glowed brighter. Finally the mountain had totally consumed the material from the other mountains and stopped growing. The light from the cross drained down onto the mountain and then flashed outward in every direction. The cross did not run out of light but continued to pour forth brilliance, first down to the mountain, then outward in an ever-increasing circle.


Anonymous said...

Is it a DREAM or FICTION? I'm looking forward to more....

sean said...

Actually, neither dream nor fiction. This was a waking vision I had while spending time in prayer and in the presence of God. I've asked Him for an interpretation. This is what I know so far:

- Each ring is a specific promise from Scripture (I don't yet know which ones)

- The seven mountains are seven realms of influence that attempt to overshadow the Life and Truth of God (I've done some research here. Check this out for more)

- The blast of light is a mighty, purifying fire

- The eagle is a Christian who attains all 7 promises and then uses them as tools or weapons against the 7 mountains

- As the mountains are conquered, Jesus is exalted more and more, drawing all people to Himself until His awesome power is released upon the earth