Monday, August 16, 2010

Ooga Taga

This phrase means absolutely nothing except in our house. It's the name of a game Peyson and I just invented. Here's how it works:

Peyson tries to get into something he shouldn't (tonight, it was the dishwasher. Yes, in the dishwasher). I get down on all fours and put myself between him and it. He attempts to get around me while I crawl to block his way, all the while chanting, "Ooga taga! Ooga taga!" He giggles hysterically. We repeat. Meanwhile, Mommy gets a bit of a break and is able to focus on something other than a fussy, tired boy (tonight, it was dishes. Yes, in the sink).

Ooga Taga is a great game one-on-one. I've yet to experience two-on-one Ooga Taga because Aidan was already in bed by the time Peyson and I got around to playing tonight. I bet it brings a whole new challenge. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

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