Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Day For Daddy And Aidan

Yesterday, Marissa and Peyson went to what's quickly becoming an annual luncheon for the ladies at our church. You may recall that I entertained Aidan last year about this time by going to the Hays County Fair-That-Wasn't. This year, I decided to try something with guaranteed results: McDonald's. We ate our lunch and then headed out to the PlayPlace.

At first, Aidan was a bit unsure. He stood by me at the table and just watched the other kids playing. I pointed to a little music station and he didn't become interested until after I walked him over and sat down with him for a while. He had more fun than I would think possible just banging on the out-of-tune piano thingie. I went back to the table and just watched him. He played music for a while, still watching the other kids. Every once in a while, one of the kids would do something Aidan found exciting. He squealed with sheer delight. One group of boys in particular were playing tag all through the tunnels and slides, climbing and jumping on just about every surface within reach. Aidan laughed hardest at them; because of their antics, I named them the McMonkeys. We ended up having a great time. Until it was time to go.

Aidan fought me back to the car with cries, thrashing, and screams of "Music!" Once I finally got him strapped into his car seat, I turned the radio on. Music was indeed what he wanted, for he immediately calmed down. After a missed exit from the interstate, we stopped in Kyle for a much needed haircut.

The boy on The Airplane before Aidan was attempting to experience his first haircut. He cried and cried and jumped around dangerously until his godfather intervened and said he wasn't ready. So with a nervous toddler and a frazzled snip-snipper, we proceeded to board the plane. Aidan squirmed a bit during the preflight check but finally settled down. He flew like an ace! He looks good too.

After the short flight, we briefly toured HEB Plus and then headed home. He fell asleep before we got to the house. I'm definitely glad we didn't try the fair again this year. We had much more fun just doing simple things together.

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