Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Months Ago Today

...Peyson was born!

Since then, life at the Rackley house has been very busy (you may have noticed my postings have become fewer and farther between). I've been working long hours. Marissa has been working longer hours. Aidan's been working at playing. Peyson's been playing at working. Or something like that.

The highlight of recent days is that Peyson has figured out how to purposefully raise the corners of his mouth and his eyes at the same time. He still has lots of room for improvement, but there's definitely no shortage of practice in this family. We love to laugh and smile!

Speaking of laughing, Aidan entertained us this evening by belly-laughing for nearly 30 minutes. It's a good thing too; our TV mysteriously has no signal (can anyone tell me why?). Check out the video below to see what he was laughing at. By this time, his laugher was already a bit tired, but I'm sure you can imagine what it was like at full strength. Enjoy!

God bless and see you next time!

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