Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mentegrity Event: Auto Rally

Mentegrity is the men's ministry of POWERHOUSE Christian Center. We had our first gathering under this name today. And I had a blast!

Team Leader Bob Smith organized an auto rally for us. It was my first time to participate in something of this nature so I had expectations of fun, adventure, and racing. Turns out I was right on only two of those things: rallies are not races. They're journeys. Here's how it works:

Each driver is paired with a navigator and given a set of instructions to follow from inside the vehicle. Ours was a simple rally for beginners, but Bob told us some of them can get quite complicated. Instructions included items like "Right at the Jesus Rock," "Count the number of 'no parking' signs on this street," "Right after the third stop sign," "Left after COWBOY," and so forth. Some were easy to understand and others required teamwork between the driver and navigator to decode and follow. The goal is two-fold: distance (get closest to the rally master's previously recorded course mileage) and fun. There is no time limit. It really isn't racing!

My buddy Kendall and I showed up as Team Sasquatch and we were the first car out (others left in five-minute increments behind us). We did pretty good on the distance challenge and also had some great conversations. I got to see some wildlife I'd never seen before in person, including a roadrunner. We counted "no parking" signs, low water bridges, and mysterious blue bottles. We finished back at the church and lunched on hot dogs. Bob had a few spiritual remarks for us to think on and we fellowshipped for about an hour before heading home.

The next Mentegrity event has not yet been decided but will take place in September. Bob mentioned golf but plans can change. I'll keep you posted as I learn more details because all men are invited to participate.

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