Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Take Your Mom To Work Day

So it wasn't a nationally planned event. Not even a local one. Just a Rackley one.

My mom was visiting today, helping Marissa with the boys or with some rest, and I needed some help myself while I was at work. So Mom came to the rescue. She showed up at the bus yard at about the same time as I was returning from my route. She brought me what I'd forgotten and we talked for a bit: she at my front door, I at the helm of my forty-foot-eighty-passenger wonder.

While we were talking, a coworker came out, gave me a funny look, and headed to her car. I thought she needed an explanation, so after Mom left, I pulled up and told her who I was talking to. She didn't believe me. I assured her twice more that I was in fact talking to my mother. She finally admitted to thinking it was my wife. I smiled and went about fueling my bus while she got in her truck and left for home.

The moment touched me and I thought I'd share it with you. I hope this makes your day, Mom.

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Anonymous said...

T H A N K S ! To your nearsighted co-worker! She probably didn't get close enough to see the gray hairs (only a few) and the wrinkles!

Love ya!