Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blue Meets Green

God always has perfect timing. In this case, we got Big Blue the day before a planned weekend trip to El Campo to see Marissa's family. We were stoked! We went out and bought a whole bunch of snacks and even a new coloring book for Aidan.

The drive was smooth and seemed to go faster than ever before. Aidan entertained himself with a few books and then we got out the coloring book and toddler-finger-sized crayons. He started with blue. Then yellow. Then red. Then green. He was so quiet that Marissa and I forgot what he was doing; I dozed off (don't worry: Marissa was driving!).

I woke to Marissa asking what a noise was. I looked over to see Aidan swinging the green crayon like a sword. His foe was the tinted window to his left. I'm pretty sure Aidan the Magnificent won that battle because the window had multiple green scars on it. Marissa grieved a bit but I just praised his handiwork and retrieved the crayon.

I wonder how truly washable those crayons are...

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