Monday, December 15, 2008

The DT Way To Toddler-Proof Your House

Aidan can reach light switches and doorknobs now. And he knows how to work each. Marissa has been creatively using duct tape to keep him from flipping certain switches at certain times. Like in his bedroom at night; sure, the lightning game is fun for all, but it keeps toddlers awake far beyond their bed times. Solution? Cover the light switch with a piece of duct tape. (Make sure it's in the off position first!) Same goes for the stereo playing classical lullabies.

Sometimes it's not the toddler who needs to kept safe. Sometimes it's the rest of the house. You certainly don't want baby running around (for too long) with no diaper on; the mess would eventually become overwhelming. But what to do when the factory attached adhesive strip breaks as you prepare to change his diaper? Can't waste the diaper; they're too expensive to be throwing them away clean. So what to do? DT it! Yep, Marissa has even used duct tape on mediocre mess-catchers.

I bet you could DT power outlets and kitchen cabinets too. And why stop there? A little DT on the side of the changing table makes storage and function come together as one and you can use the shelf for other things. Enough layers of DT can turn even the sharpest corner on the coffee table into a padded cushion soft enough to prevent serious injury to falling toddlers. You could DT the space between doors and floors to prevent nasty drafts. DT the toilet seat and lid down so that Baby doesn't "play." DT baby's food bowl to the kitchen table so he can't fling food all over the place during spoon practice. DT the oven shut. DT the door of the VCR (unless you like watching ice cream and peanut butter).

DT your whole house (it'll look like a theme)! Just don't get too carried away...

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LOL I was about to roll and then saw the picture! Oh boy!