Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Cigars Will Have Blue Wrappers

Oh yeah! It's a boy! Or will be.

We saw very clearly that Baby2.0 can now officially be called Peyson Mark David Rackley! We adopted a new spelling of the old family name to help people pronounce it better. It's /PACE-un/ no matter how you speel it. Of course, nothing's official until we fill out the birth certificate, but neither of us feels comfortable calling him anything else. His name is stuck on us.

I tried to look up the meaning for you over at babynamesworld.com but they don't have a listing for it. Neither does Carol Wallace's book, 20,001 Names For Baby (Avon Books, 1992). I can't cite the source, but I remember finding the meaning for Passon a while back. It was something like "person" or "parson." So until I learn otherwise, that's what Peyson means too.

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