Friday, September 5, 2008

Strong Like Bull

Maybe you've pushed a disabled car out of a roadway and into the relative safety of a nearby parking lot. Maybe you've push started a standard-transmission truck. I bet I'm one of a select few who has helped push a 43-passenger bus.

One of our buses (actually, it was El Gato!!) broke down today in Kyle. We had it towed back to Base in San Marcos but it wasn't where it needed to be when the mechanics had fixed it and needed to replenish its fluids to get it started. The bus had to be pushed further into the shop so the hoses would reach. Makes sense, right?

What doesn't make much sense to me is why we didn't fire up the shop truck and push the bus with plenty of horsepower. Maybe it was an effort to save the company some gas. Not really sure here except that what we did do was an effort. Four of us pushed the bus about eight feet further into the shop.

It was actually kind of fun until I realized I'd gotten minor burns on my hands from the sun-soaked windshield. The next time The Cat gets thirsty, I think I'll just buy it a case of Gatorade.

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