Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Honor Amongst Book Thieves

I spent the remainder of a birthday gift card last night at Half Price Books, purchasing a Kathy Tyers trilogy in one volume. Anywho, I took it to work this morning and accidentally left it on the dispatch desk while I drove an empty bus to San Antonio.

I came back to find that the dispatcher had picked it up and read the first couple chapters. No problem. I didn't mind at all. I just asked him not to tell me anything about it yet. I even offered to loan it to him once I was finished with it. Stephen seemed eager.

I had to ride along with a driver for refresher training next, so off I went again, leaving the book behind. While I was gone, Stephen switched from dispatcher to inspector and didn't have time to read. But Adam, the payroll guy, had plenty of time. Summers are pretty slow around the bus barn. He read as many chapters as Stephen did before I was done training. I didn't mind him reading it either. I even offered to loan it to him once Stephen was finished with it. Adam seemed eager.

Too eager. I was around the office for the rest of the day, answering phones, greeting people at the door, working on some training materials for next week, fixing the boss's computer, building him a new chair. I thought I might have a chance to sit down and read a while but no such luck. Adam, meanwhile, read close to 100 pages! Payroll must be easy!

I tried to get my book back several times but just ended up wrestling over it. I got it while Adam and Stephen were out to lunch but they just stole it away again when they returned. I griped and complained. They laughed and kept reading. It actually turned into a game and I just gave up, knowing I'd be leaving at four (4) o'clock for a weekend at the beach. Plenty of time to read.

I did leave at 4 (four) o'clock. And surprise, surprise! I had my book with me. I won't be leaving it unattended again. Especially at work.

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