Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Feel The Power" Indeed

I made an emergency stop on my way back to San Marcos this evening to evacuate 52 ounces of converted Dr. Pepper from my body. After washing my hands, I turned to a rather normal-looking motion-activated hand dryer. "Feel the Power" was inscribed on the unit with an arrow pointing at the air outlet. Cute, I thought. Some kid put a sticker on here.

But no. It was the manufacturer who placed the sticker there. The thing nearly blew the skin off my hands! No kidding; I really saw wind ripples run across my hand. It was like watching one of those old movies of a guy in a wind tunnel! Really really fast, warm air took the water completely off my hands in a matter of a few seconds. I found myself laughing at the experience: to hold the wind in the palm of my hand! If I hadn't been on the clock, I'm sure I would have washed my hands again and again.

I got home and googled the dryer. Check out the specs on this thing. I don't know what a linear foot per second is but 16000 of them is a lot! I definitely want one of these things for Christmas. Wow!

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