Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Boss Is An English Knight From Scotland

No joke.

I've been doing some training at work this week to get our drivers ready to go when the fall semester starts. Part of the training is a video of the CEO explaining and emphasizing a safety program that he developed. Moir Lockhead was knighted for his efforts in transportation at the 2008 Birthday Honours. I've been using this fact to stress to my trainees how truly important the safety program is.

I know I'm American and we don't have knights in this country, but I'm also a fantasy author (not published yet) who understands a knight's code of honor. It's awesome to have a knight for a boss. I feel like a page or squire. I do what the boss says. I help him get his goals met. I wear a bright yellow safety breastplate and wield a powerful reporting weapon called a handbook. Sir Lockhead values what I do with my weapon and takes measures to see that my concerns are dealt with. And I have a horse. That seats more than forty people. How cool is that?

My wife will appreciate this little tidbit I got off Wikipedia: Sir Lockhead breeds her favorite animal, the hairy highland coo.

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Gerald said...

I've just done a little browsing through your web page after reading that Marissa's favorite animal is the Highland Coo. That's because the Highland Coo is Beth's favorite animal, too! (Or at least, it's her favorite bovine! :-)

Anyway, we were both delighted to find that not only are you Scottish, but that the two of you got to visit Scotland and apparently went to many of the same places we went--even took the same photo we took at the Tower Bridge. :-)

Beth is the one who is Scottish in our family. Her family name, Napier means 'napkin folder to the King' as in-the kings of Scotland. They originally were from the Clan MacFarlain and I think are now considered a subset of that Clan. I guess I should get the Clan member herself in here to give you the straight scoop. :-)

Anyway, I enjoyed your pictures of Scotland and London. I am also wondering if you got to drive a motor car over there?