Sunday, July 20, 2008


In case you've forgotten, SSBFT is Super-Squealy-Baby-Fun-Time. I haven't written about it in about a year but we've still been having it. I try my hardest to make Aidan laugh, giggle, squeal, and otherwise express joy and then repeat it until one of us is worn out. It's great fun!

Tonight is worth writing about. I don't think he's laughed so hard his whole life.

I was helping Marissa with Aidan's nightly routine of bathing, tooth brushing, and grooming with my usual silly, distracting antics. Sometimes I'll make faces or noises at him. Sometimes I'll act like a gorilla. Tonight, I was actually being a bit more passive about the ritual than normal. He's gotten to the point where he can sit still most of the time, so I sat in my usual spot and waited until Aidan needed a distraction. And waited.

I was the one getting bored and frustrated, so I grabbed Aidan's orange and blue Nerf ball and began bouncing it off the wall and catching it. My body was soon as thoroughly engaged as my mind was with conversation with Marissa. Then I heard it.

It began as a little giggle. I peeked at Aidan and he was transfixed on what I was doing. Encouraged, I continued and got a little rambunctious with it. I began bouncing the ball and then slapping it back against the wall before I caught it. Sometimes I would slap it several times (like serving a volleyball). Occasionally I would miss the ball and it would go careening around the bathroom, miraculously dodging all breakables on its journey to the floor. This brought a crescendo of laughter from my son every time so I started doing it on purpose.

Aidan laughed so hard from deep down in his belly that at one point he spit up and later developed a case of hiccups. I'm not sure whether I was helping Marissa with the nail clipping or not because she was laughing too. Like I said earlier, it was great fun! I wish I had videoed it so I could share it with everyone. Maybe tomorrow night...

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Ah, still no video! :-(