Friday, June 27, 2008

Concert Of The Rock

I want to share a vision God gave me back in March. This is verbatim from my journal two days after:

In the middle of the praise service on Sunday, I was taken to an arena filled with people. This arena, this stadium, was bigger than Texas Stadium in Dallas. I entered at the west end and immediately found a seat reserved just for me (based on my birth date I believe).

The crowd was immense and incredibly excited but hushed. Full of awe and eager anticipation. It seemed like I was there for a while before I noticed anything changing. Then, a low rumble began at the far end of the arena. It spread toward me like a basketball game "wave." It was the sound of millions upon millions of people cheering, shouting, applauding, and even dancing. The star of the show had walked through the east gate. Jesus walked purposefully to the center of the arena floor and then stood with his arms outstretched. The crowd hushed and then erupted once more, this time in song. Some played guitars or drums but everyone sang. It was the strangest concert I've ever heard of: the crowd performed for the one on the stage.

As the people in my part of the arena joined in the song, with no strings attached, Jesus began rising into the air, rotating slowly so he could meet each person's eyes with his own. He smiled at each of us and continued to ascend. The song just kept going and going. Jesus was being lifted up in praise and gratitude!

I noticed two additional things but I'm not sure when. They just seemed to become known to me
  1. The seats nearest the East Gate, where Jesus had entered, were reserved for those martyred throughout history, regardless of when they were born.
  2. Many seats, including a lot in my area, were empty. There was a seat for every person ever born but not everyone had used their ticket. And some of these empty seats were my responsibility.


Kristi said...

wow- to the second thing you noticed---just absolute wow

Rissie said...

Thank you for being so bold about your visions. It's ashame I have not heard your readers talk about this, except for Kristi. Love you!