Saturday, October 6, 2007

We Stepped Into A Masterpiece

One of the books I read in preparation for becoming a father included ideas for activities to do with baby that would encourage whatever developmental stage he was at, up to and including his first birthday. The chapter for Aidan's current age suggested doing something with lots of bold colors and/or moving parts, like a construction site. While I know of several around campus, I figured Aidan and I should include Mama and make it a family thing, so I took the alternative idea of going to an art museum.

I asked around and heard a coworker's review of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio. She impressed me with her opinion (especially the price—FREE!) so that's where we went. Marissa and I enjoyed the museum immensely, looking at the detail in the paintings, the light and shadow that played around the sculptures, and the photo-realism of Norman Rockwell's prints. Aidan was—more interested in the light fixtures and the sun coming through the stained glass windows and the texture and length of Daddy's hair. I think either my book or my memory was a little off on the age for this activity. Or maybe modern art isn't Aidan's cup of tea.

My cup of tea has been art lately. But the paintings at the museum felt cold and unmoving after the masterpiece we experienced later. In fact, I would even go so far as to say none of the pieces we viewed today compared to this evening's sunset. No artist has yet been able to perfectly imitate God's simple yet awesome choice of colors, His use of light and angles, or the precise way in which He sets his paintings in motion. I have really been in awe of sunsets lately (sorry, no sunrises at this point) and I have a feeling no art museum will compare—ever.

Maybe next time, I'll talk Marissa into donning a hard hat and heading over to Texas State. I know Aidan and I would enjoy the big yellow machines. And who knows? We might just catch another of God's glorious daily creations.

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Kristi said...

I was just thinking about that the other day, and wondering if anyone else LOVED the beauty of God's creation (especially the artistry shown in the sky) as much as me...

I haven't seen any SUNSETS lately---but i CAN say that the SUNRISES...with the HUGE ORANGE BALL in the midst of a pink and purple sky...BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING!!!

Have a blessed day, and thanks for sharing :)