Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sometimes, Trees Grow Together

The news I'm about to share will thrill some, upset others, and probably shock everyone who doesn't already know. But before I force you into a sitting position, I think some background will be helpful.

Two years ago, a woman I've known my whole life as my grandmother passed away. A month later, my other grandmother's husband passed away. Around Christmastime 2005, my mom's dad and my dad's mom (each widowed twice now) began seeing each other, first as two people grieving over similar losses and then more as time went on.

Well, tonight, I learned that they're getting married! Regardless of your reaction, mine is simply this: YAAAAAY! I think this is a more-than-great pairing. Grandpa actually called my dad and me to get our permission (as if he needs it!) and I had only one condition: that I be present at the nuptials. I was otherwise speechless so the call was very brief.

For the better part of a year, we've teased them about the possibility of them getting hitched. They blush of course. And my dad has joked for years that because he and my mom are from Arkansas, if they were ever to divorce, they'd still be brother and sister. Now that it's really going to be happening, my mind has gone into high gear thinking this over. My college anthropology professor would love to see this on paper, I'm sure.

My paternal grandmother is marrying my maternal grandfather. That means that my mom and dad, while still husband and wife, will also be step-siblings. That means I'll have a new uncle to be teased by and a new aunt to tease. This next one had me gaping for a while: by marriage, I'm soon to be my own first cousin. At least I'm not my own grandpa (yet?!).

I really am excited about all this. I couldn't be happier! Be sure to stay tuned; I'm sure this wedding will prove to be good fodder for this blogger.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Dad!

I kinda like the sound of that but only by marriage, of course ;-)

..Dad the Uncle