Sunday, October 21, 2007

Aidan's New Nickname

He's been Little Foot, Stinker, Beep-beep, Drooly, and Monkey. We now get to add another to his resume: Scooter. This is because he bolted a handle to a skateboard and zipped out the door before we could catch him. Just kidding—he's now mobile! He can get wherever he wants by sort of crawling but without getting his belly off the ground. Marissa says he's scooting, so Scooter he is!

Tonight I watched him move about four (4) feet across the floor to retrieve a ball. What surprised me next was that he picked up the ball and moved four (4) feet in another direction to place it on a blanket. He continues to amaze me!

I'm looking forward to giving him many more nicknames as time goes on. With luck, he'll wear a helmet when he actually does ride a skateboard and won't become "Crash."

1 comment:

Linda said...

OK, but I'm kinda partial to Root-Toot