Saturday, July 7, 2007


Aidan's been very temperamental the past few days—all day long until he wears himself out at night. But then, it's weird how this happens, it starts all over again in the morning. My nerves have been a little on edge lately because of all this, but everything changed today.

I devoted half an hour to pure, uninterrupted playtime. And discovered how to make Aidan squeal with sheer delight—at high volume and very high pitch. I was quite impressed. He laughed, giggled, squealed, and wiggled the whole time. I could have kept going, but both of us got hungry: Aidan for milk (hold the cookies, for now), me for home-smoked brisket.

We enjoyed the SSBFT (can that be pronounced in the English language?) so much that I think it will become part of our daily routine. Part of the "games" involved a blanket or burp cloth over AJ's face and tickling, kissing, poking, and prodding while he tried to wiggle out from the fabric. He absolutely loved it! And when I would take a break for a few seconds, Aidan would turn red, crinkle up his face, and inhale a massive lungful of air, all preparations for an ear-shattering cry. Blanket back on the face = mourning turned into joy.

Hooray for new ways to entertain myself Aidan! Maybe we'll both sleep better from now on...

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