Friday, July 6, 2007


I played Star Wars Monopoly with ALL five of my brothers-in-law this afternoon. Wow! The force is strong with this bunch! I don't think I've ever played an -opoly game with this many people! It took five hours of wheeling, dealing, trading, raiding, buying, and frying before two of us were eliminated. The rest of us then decided we'd had fun and could all retire from the real estate business.

We had some incentive to do so, though. Queen Grannadala was beginning dinner preparations and needed the table on which our game sat. We tried a relocation to no avail—the space-time continuum began unraveling at a rapid rate (we were all summoned to Coruscant to assist with supper in 15 minutes). We called everyone left the winners and packed the game back up in time to save the galaxy...with time left over!

Dinner will taste good today; I feel like I've been through hyperspace.

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