Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Long Time No Write

I know I haven't blogged in a while. My profuse apologies! It's been a little hectic around here but I have some exciting news to tell you about:

Aidan, just this past week, has learned how to reach out and bat at toys. It won't be long before he's reaching out to borrow my car keys! Marissa and I will have to start keeping things away from the edge of the table at meal time; once he realizes those things at the end of his arms are good for grabbing and grasping, he'll be one dangerous kiddo.

We've also been trying to transition him to taking milk from a bottle. And that's been my job since Mama makes him want to eat the old fashioned way. I have to admit that holding my son and watching him slowly suckle milk from a rubber thingie has been a wonderful experience. I feel like I'm finally participating in that bond that Mama and Baby have had for three months now.

That reminds me. Last Thursday was Aidan's three-month birthday. He got calls from all his fans and agreed to sign autographs for thirty minutes. It's really exciting watching something I helped create grow and blossom. Parents (mine specifically and all in general), I salute you!

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