Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Leather Anniversary

This blogger and his wife celebrated three years of marital bliss today. And according to Hallmark, the traditional gift to give at three years is leather. I racked my brain for what to get Marissa:

  • a purse? (no way I'd get the right color, style, or size)
  • a pair of shoes? (she has enough already)
  • a belt? (I'd have to buy her shoes and a purse to match)
  • a leather jacket? (but it's summer time)
  • a new couch (unfortunately, not in the budget)

I finally came up with a Bible covered in bonded leather! So off to the local gift store I went. The girl who helped me was very helpful (redundant? nah!) and actually recognized me after having seen my son earlier. I thought it was because Marissa had been there recently for my birthday, but it turns out she'd been in there earlier today to buy my gift!

Anyway, my lovely wife was thrilled with her Bible, informing me that she hadn't gotten her very own in a very long time. She got me a very nice leather-bound journal in which to write my thoughts and dreams. I guess I'll have to get a scanner so those entries can become part of the blogosphere!

Happy anniversary Sweetheart!

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