Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bouncing Baby Boy On A Big Bobcat Bus

I like alliteration. Can you tell?

Anyway, Marissa and Aidan surprised me with lunch at work today. And since "work" involves me driving a bus in concentric circles (not really...just regular circles...well, laps), Aidan got to be one of my passengers.

He loved looking out the window as we passed trees, cars, buildings, and students waving madly because they wanted to be on my bus (hmm). Marissa wouldn't let him drive (he doesn't have his commercial license just yet) but at timing points, he got behind the wheel (in my lap) and honked the horn (with my help).

A few passengers were delighted to see a baby on the bus. These talked with Marissa about pregnancy and delivery and got to look at the pictures in my brag book. Others were less than thrilled because there was one fewer seat to be had and were especially annoyed when Aidan fussed a bit. To them, I say this: you can handle it for twenty minutes or you can get off at the next intersection. Just kidding!!

By the way, Aidan is eight weeks old today!

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