Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Aidan's First Bath

Hold the phone! Don't call CPS just yet! We've been bathing our son, I promise! Today we just gave him his first non-sponge bath. In a tub. With warm water to sit in (for him anyway).

Aidan's baby tub at first gave us trouble by leaking all the water out. Fortunately, it was inside the bigger bathtub and our house wasn't flooded. But wouldn't you know it? Reading and following label instructions really works! I managed to lock the tub in the sealed position and then it held water just fine.

AJ really enjoyed his bath. He smiled and cooed and spastically splashed. And he didn't pee or poop in the water!! Mama bathed him very well and then the trouble started: as soon as Aidan was out of the water he got cold and began screaming. We got him dried off and wrapped up ASAHWGHP. He finally calmed down enough to get him into a new onesie. Then Mama fed him and it was all good after that.

I'm looking forward to my turn at wielding the soap and cloth!!

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Anonymous said...

A future swimmer maybe??