Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Grandmas Galore - Can't Say "Thank You" Enough!

Aidan's grandma (she likes "Granny") came for a few days to help Mom and Dad adjust to the newness of caring for a newborn. She was such a big help: cleaning, cooking, helping Mom fine-tune her womanly art, and easing some troubled thoughts of Dad's. One thing was confusing about her stay: she has been "Mama" for so long and only recently become "Granny" that I kept calling her ""

And when my mom was here, I would call for Marissa with "Mom!" and both would respond. We ate some wonderful meals while she was here: french toast, chicken and wild rice supreme (my favorite casserole growing up), omelettes, and tortilla soup. It's obvious which cable channel is Grandma's favorite. But that's not the best part of them being here.

Aidan has been held and cuddled so much the past few days (not that he's not getting it from everyone who sees him - he's a natural cuddler). His grandmas sure love him!

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