Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#Geocaching with Hedwig the Owl

You know I'm into geocaching. I've blogged about it and often share snippets of my adventures with a quick tweet. However, some adventures are worth writing about in more than 140 characters. What follows is my "Found It!" log for just such an adventure, had at GC5XVDN: Hedwig the Owl (Harry Potter Geocaches #1).

So, a funny thing happened while geocaching one evening at Rice University...

I have learned to not stick my hand in a tree's bole hole without first looking. This is a little challenging when the hole is above my eye level, so I've taken to raising my phone and snapping a picture of the inside before making the plunge. This technique has spared me countless ant and spider bites and at least one encounter with a snake.

While searching near GZ tonight, I found just such a hole that would be perfect for a size small cache. I raised my phone per usual and pressed the button. There was a slight, anti-red-eye pause before the flash went off. Then, SURPRISE!!, out leapt a critter! It thumped to the ground and then flew off. I'm 90% sure it had feathers and 100% sure it startled me, for, SHOCK!!, out from my mouth leapt a four-letter word. That too thumped to the ground and then flew off. Heart racing, all I could do was laugh. The students walking by gazed at me suspiciously. "It's okay! I'm a professional!" or something. WWAVD: What Would Ace Ventura Do?

Anyway, I opted for no more surprises, read the hint, and quickly found the cache. This will be a great story, for many geo-events to come, I'm sure!

TFTC. God bless! 2 Corinthians 5:21

(oh yeah... cool statue!)

I sure love this hobby of mine!

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