Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Dream I Can't Shake

Last night I had a pretty intense dream. I can't seem to shake it. Read below and let me know if you have any interpretation from the Lord:
The evening news reported the appearance of a UFO that looked like a huge, gray slab. It had no distinguishing features except its color and its size. It floated ominously in a vertical position, looking like one section of a gigantic wall. The news report showed the object from a distance, hovering over some unidentifiable city. The reporter called it The Iran.
In the morning (still in my dream), I was in my childhood bedroom with two friends. My mom came in and advised us against looking out the window. Once she left, we couldn't resist. One friend stuck her head all the way out the window and looked south toward Austin, Texas. Terrified, she quickly came back in. I poked my head out to look and noticed that it wasn't just hovering anymore; it was moving, and moving closer.
We scrambled outside as the object flew lower over my neighborhood and eventually landed on the house two doors down. It didn't perch on the roof or crush the house. It came down and settled on the ground as though there was a hole in the bottom of it the exact size and shape of the house. Its shape wasn't as rectangular as it appeared from a distance; it looked more like a trapezoidal prism. It was still large, at least double the height of the house it had landed on.
My friends and I went back inside our house, frightened and seeking shelter. Other people on the street came outside, standing around, curiously observing the object. We then heard a loud announcement (the voice shook the walls and floor) in English that if we didn't all beat each other with sticks, the interlopers (it used the collective "we") would kill us all. My friends and I looked at each other and then outside. The neighbors were eyeing each other with fear. Then one man grabbed a stick and headed across the street.
At this point, I woke up. I've looked for recent headlines about Iran but nothing seems to strike me as relevant. I'm still looking, but if you're aware of anything, please let me know. Of course, it could've just been the cheeseburger I had for dinner last night.

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