Friday, September 28, 2012

Copia Remix

Because of this Supreme Reality, that the Creator and Ruler of the universe exhibits such intense, passionate devotion to (and even attraction for) all people everywhere and in every era, which did inspire the gifting of His sole sired son and heir, none who have firm, deep-seated and heart-level convictions in Him should ever be ruined or destroyed; rather, these same shall inherit with Him a vibrant and eternally satisfying existence.

"Copia" is Latin for abundance (as in "cornucopia"). In the classical writing curricula, it refers to an abundance of words and expressions. It's a concept I learned this summer and will be introducing to my writing students soon. More info here. If you would prefer to laugh your way to understanding, try this link.

Anyone else care to submit a copia variation of John 3:16?

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