Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Holiday For David

SSW (Sustained Silent Writing) is an activity I have my seventh- and eighth-grade writing students do at the beginning of each class. It's a prompt on the dry erase board and ten minutes on the timer. Students write (usually quietly) until the timer sounds and then, sometimes, they share aloud with their classmates and me what they've written. I have not actively participated before, but today's prompt inspired me. I think I'll be doing the challenge also from now on, but I'll be at home and may not write every time.

If you would like to do this too, feel free! Set a timer and write. When the timer goes off, finish the sentence you're on and stop. Then, post your results as a comment, that is, if you want to share your writing with the world. Look for more "SSWs" in the future. In the mean time, enjoy the ride...

SSW: Invent a new holiday celebrating David defeating Goliath. When and how will it be celebrated and who will celebrate it?

My holiday for David will be called Eben, which is the Hebrew word for stones used in 1 Samuel 17:40. It will be celebrated by Christians the world over on the third Sunday of August.

Rather than going to a building to worship on this particular Sunday, people will gather at a lake or river. The story from 1 Samuel 17 will be either read aloud or performed as a skit. A lengthy praise session will be held and the people will sing songs of victory and thanksgiving to God, who does the impossible, especially when we're up against a "giant" in life. Prayers of adoration and testimonies will be shared for all to hear. Then, there will be many many baptisms in the lake or river. This is a symbolic act that reminds all in attendance that God again did the impossible when Jesus defeated sin and death.

After the baptisms, the youth will participate in a stone-skipping contest and the adults will begin preparing foods for a picnic. The food will consist of lots of cheese and bread (that's what David took to his brothers on the battlefield that day) and whatever meats the crowd likes. When the food is ready and the stone-skipping contest is at an end, the people will enjoy the feast. More sharing of testimonies during the meal. When the meal is finished, no leftovers may be taken home. Everything will be left for the beasts and birds to devour. This is to commemorate the taunt Goliath spoke to David that ended up turning back on his own army.

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