Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Do YOU Fly?

Wikipedia lists five kinds of aerial locomotion among animals: falling, parachuting, gliding, flying, and soaring. This is very interesting to me, the author of the POWER of flight. It makes me think of five different kinds of people in this world.

Those that fall are easy to identify. They either have no knowledge of God's grace or no desire to know His grace. As a descendant of Adam, we were all, at one time, fallen. Those who have not said yes to the grace of God are still falling—toward death.

People that parachute or glide are still, in effect, falling. They may be those who have accepted Christ but, to one degree or another, have resisted the work of Holy Spirit in their lives. Their hope lies in snagging a outstretched branch on their way down. They really couldn't tell you if they're going to be in Heaven or not.

Flyers are interesting critters. Every once in a while, they take a break, but for the most part, they strive to go higher with God through their own efforts. They flap their wings, as it were, to achieve a greater altitude. If the wings stop moving, they will eventually fall. Or that's their thinking. They fear that if they stop striving and working, their faith will be dead and they will plummet to the earth.

Those who trust in the completed work of the cross of Jesus Christ are those who soar. Like eagles, these people can spend long periods of time just resting, trusting that God will take them higher. They may flap their wings once in a while, but to them, it's a joy, not a frustration. They move with God. They let Him dictate their paths and destinations, knowing that, ultimately, He's got them. This is where true peace is: the upward draft of giving God the glory, the praise, the honor for what He has already done. As John Crowder says, the flavor of true faith is rest.

Which type are you? Trust in Jesus; let God give you wings.

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