Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hey Look!

We've been fans of hooded towels since Aidan was a baby. They're kid-sized sheets of terrycloth with an extra flap for a little one's wet head. Most are made to resemble different animals. We've had an elephant (with trunk!), a bear, and a puppy.

It's become a tradition in our house for the boys to don their towels after bath time and run to show whichever parent didn't bathe them that they are a clean _______ (insert animal name here). Sometimes they even add sound effects! We all squeal and laugh. Usually a tickle fight breaks out while we dry them off and put their jammies on.

Well, for Christmas, the boys each got a new hooded towel, and tonight after bath time, our tradition continued.

Peyson ran to Mommy and tried his best to exclaim, “Hey look! I'm a frog!”

Aidan ran to her and shouted, “Hey look! I'm a lion! ROOOAAAARRR!!”

I ran in and smilingly declared, “Hey look! I'm a puddle!” Ah, yes! The joys of being the bather!

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