Sunday, June 13, 2010

What!? Iron And Candy?

Marissa and I celebrated our sixth anniversary yesterday. It's been a great experience so far and I'm so glad it was Marissa that God paired me with.

The traditional gifts to give on the sixth anniversary are iron and candy. At first I thought this would be difficult without getting too cliche. I mean, cast iron skillets and truffles were the only things to come to mind at first. And that's just not Sean. I like to be original, so I changed it up. But only a little.

I did get the cast iron skillet and truffles, but I also got a box of Total cereal (100% daily iron!) and rented Marvel's Iron Man. I cooked breakfast in the skillet, shared the truffles, and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. However, the best part of the day was when we took advantage of an anniversary gift from my parents.

They bought us membership passes to San Marcos' city pool. They're good all summer and we started using them right away. Aidan and Peyson came with us to splash around and fun was had by all! I even got to practice my parallel parking because the pool, park, and river were being used by all of San Marcos! Good day, good times. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I'm looking forward to the next six (and the next sixty years) with my beloved. Who knows the fun we'll have and the challenges we'll tackle between now and then? But I do know this: it will be an awesome adventure!

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Rissie said...

Aww! I look forward to the next sixty years, too! I love you! BTW...I shared MY truffles with YOU! :-D