Thursday, June 3, 2010

Breakroom Etiquette

I had an encounter yesterday in the driver's lounge that got me thinking. I came in and drained the remaining coffee into a cup for myself. I know it's customary and expected of the person who empties the pot to start a new one brewing. However, when I checked my watch, I decided it was late enough in the day that no one else would want any hot caffeine.

And then my boss came in. For nothing other than a warm-up. While I was sitting back sipping on hot joe and watching Discovery. I was embarrassed. I was chagrined. I was suddenly very aware that I had broken breakroom etiquette. My boss didn't say anything (and still hasn't), but since then, I've developed a few questions.

Is there a time of day when it becomes acceptable to not refill the java urn? Noon maybe? Another "rule" in our lounge is replacing the empty jug on the water cooler. What other breakroom expectations should I be aware of? I know I could google it, but I want to hear from my readers. Also, have you ever broken a known rule in your breakroom? Please share your thoughts and stories, but please, be sure to top off the hot stuff before you leave...


Mule Skinner said...

Did you know that webcams were invented by university engineers, so they could peek at the pot and avoid a hallway walk, if there was no coffee?

Yes, I have violated breakroom etiquette. I have sampled other's food and drink, especially late at night, while I was fixing things. I usually always replaced what I took, except for the leftover, steamed rice. That should have been thrown out, before I arrived.

sean said...

I didn't know that about webcams. But it makes sense.

I forgot about eating someone else's food. Good one and thanks for the reminder!