Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three And One

Over the weekend, we celebrated two very important birthdays: Aidan's third and Peyson's first! Marissa and I had planned a party in the park, but the threat of rain won out and we ended up in the play room at Burger King. It turned out to be a good switch! We had all the conditioned air we could want and a self-contained place for the 8+ kiddos to run wild. We had a great time! So did all the guests.

Aidan had his shoes off the moment we walked through the door, eager to climb into the plastic tubes and platforms of the playscape. As his friends trickled in family by family, we hung streamers, clothed tables, and arranged balloons and cakes. Marissa made two wonderfully delicious cakes from scratch: one with an Oreo racetrack and two cars on it for Aidan and one with Winnie the Pooh on it for Peyson. Oh so good! Peyson especially enjoyed it...all over his face!

I was surprised that we had to wrangle Aidan away from playing when it came time to open presents; he normally loves unwrapping things more than anything else. And then, when he got his football, it was all over. He just wanted to play with his new ball! Peyson still isn't quite old enough to understand the whole presents thing yet, but he did enjoy the pretty paper and ribbons.

Since then, all four of us have enjoyed the leftover cake and the new toys. It's great to see my boys sharing already: Aidan helps Peyson play with his toys and Peyson chews on Aidan's. Many thanks to all our friends and family that made it to the party. We really appreciate you! God bless!

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