Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tomorrow? Mount Everest

Why dream small? If you dream big, you won't be disappointed as you make progress along the way.

Okay. Enough waxing philosophical. Tomorrow? Mount Everest. Today? The couch; the bathtub; the chair! Peyson has begun climbing!

We don't like to anyway because he's so cute, but now, we can't even think about turning our backs on Peyson. He's been pulling up on things for a while but only recently did he brave that next step. We've seen him join Aidan on the couch, and if we're not quick enough, he'll beat us to the tub and try to climb in himself. We even have photographic evidence of him climbing into our green arm chair. And smiling and laughing the whole way!

So, yes, Peyson. Dream big. Set your sights on the summit and keep climbing! (Just make sure we're watching you until you're older.)

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