Monday, January 25, 2010

The Second Most Painful Thing Mothers Go Through

Dads everywhere have been told they are wimps by their loving spouses. Maybe not in those exact words, but something like, "Pain? You wanna talk about pain? Let me tell you a little about pain..." Let's face it, dads will never know the pain of bringing a child into this world. However, the second most painful thing mothers go through can be experienced by dads—and everyone else—too.

What am I talking about? Teething.

There's nothing worse than a baby crying because his mouth is aflame with the pain of raw nerves and ever-so-slowly protruding daggers and not being able to comfort him in any way. Parents feel this pain together, but I think moms feel it more than dads. They developed an emotional bond with baby for nine months before dad even met him. My heart aches for Marissa when Peyson is experiencing this kind of pain. When he's miserable, so is she.

We went through this with Aidan too, but with Peyson, the pain seems to be even more debilitating. Maybe it's because he's trying to push out his teeth in matched pairs instead of one at a time. So far he's got six. We had a bit of a reprieve for about a week after Five and Six came in, but now it's started up again. I'm sure Marissa will agree with me: I can't wait until this pain is over and done with.

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Marissa said...

Thanks for your sympathy, hubby! And yes, I'm looking forward to the teething stage being done! But then, there his babyhood will go, too, and I will miss that!