Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'd Rather Feed My Brother

God continues to amaze me...

Peyson was down for a nap while the rest of us ate lunch. He woke as I placed my dishes in the sink so I went to his rescue. I settled him in his high chair and walked to the door to check the mail. Turning to get Aidan's attention to see if wanted to join me, I saw him instead feeding little cereal puffs to his little brother who can't yet get them to his mouth on his own. Peyson loved it! It took several attempts for me to get Aidan's attention. I just knew he was thinking, "I'd rather feed my brother."

When I finally got Aidan interested in getting the mail, we walked outside and found a package on our porch. It was addressed to "Perry's Place c/o Sean Rackley" and chock full of a wide variety of necessities for people living on the streets. All new, some still with tags. An online friend had spent a lot of money purchasing and shipping these items to me. Again I heard, "I'd rather feed my brother."

These events happened so close together that I find no other option but to attribute them to God. He's teaching me in very personal, down-to-earth ways. I love it!

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