Friday, November 6, 2009

Legend Of The First Balloon

Okay. So it's not a legend (yet) and it's just the first balloon given out by the local Cici's Pizza. Here's the story:

Both of us having worked hard all week, Marissa and I decided to head out for dinner. Cici's is the place we usually end up on such evenings because, well, we like the place, the price, and the people. We arrived to little pomp and no circumstance, purchased our buffets, and set up camp at the table.

As I was going after my nth plate of pizza, I heard a crash followed by the sound of a wailing toddler. I didn't realize it was my toddler until I got back to the table. Aidan had been trying to tame his wild chair and ended up losing by tumbling into the wall behind him. Marissa told me later she witnessed the incident in horrified slow motion. (Before you worry, Aidan had a bruisy bump but with ice, hugs, and prayer, it went down before we left the restaurant. He's fine now!).

I turned around and bolted to the soda fountain for a handful of ice and a napkin. The napkin dissolved about the moment I put the ice in it, so I looked around the room for a watchful employee. I found the eye of assistant manager Jason and waved him over to ask for a more substantial ice pack. He responded promptly and then offered the titular balloon after making sure Aidan was going to be alright.

When he returned, he told me how they had just gotten the helium tank and that Aidan would be getting the store's first ever balloon. Jason was more thrilled than I was, but Aidan saw the balloon and cheered up considerably. It was a red balloon. Cici's logo and helium-filled! Yeah. I guarded that balloon with my best efforts until we got it safely home!

Aidan is now safely and happily asleep, the First Balloon floating aimlessly around his room. Many thanks to Jason and God our healer!

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