Friday, November 13, 2009

"Crawling Teeth, Dada!"

Okay, so I need to be reschooled in proper punctuation. But the words are right!

Last week, seemingly all at one time, Peyson began roaming the living room, sprouted two teeth, and called me "Dada." I've been unable to write about it until now, but I'm no less excited.

He hasn't gotten the whole coordinated four-limbed crawl down, but he can really move! Peyson will grab at something and push with his feet, finding himself across the room in just a few minutes. It's very different from the belly crawl Aidan started with. I think with practice, he'll be up and running in no time.

Peyson's recent fussiness has been demystified. Two sharp little white spots poked through his lower gum. He has since been chewing on anything he can get to his mouth, including Mommy and me. Crackers beware! You're next...

Last but not least, Peyson looks fondly at me with a big soon-to-be-toothy grin and whispers either "Dada" or "Tata." I'm 99.8% sure he's talking to or about me: he doesn't say this for anyone else and often isn't happy until Tata is within view. I'm thrilled! And I'll work on his annunciation so my boy doesn't grow up confused.

Oh? Happy/ Day! (Oops, there I go again!)

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