Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Fu

So I was enjoying some time with Peyson this evening, you know, doing what dads do to make their babies laugh: anything (repeat if successful). I discovered that he really likes fake-fight sound effects. Think "POW" and "ZAP" from the old Batman show but coming out of my mouth and you'll have the general idea.

As Peyson laughed and laughed (he's gotten really good at it now), I started naming his fu-moves (and Marissa started laughing too). Here's a list:
  • Cutey-pie-eye-wiggle
  • Double-squirm-super-kick
  • Lift-leg-fill-diaper-clear-room
  • Ultimate-pain-beard-grab
  • Chubby-roll-of-baby-fat-disctractionator
  • Flying-spit-up-shoulder-jab
  • Warm-bath-giggle-pee
and the ultimate, daddy heart-melter:
  • I'm-hungry-and-confused-so-your-shoulder-will-do-until-mommy-gets-here
What can your baby do?

1 comment:

Mule Skinner said...

-- eye-roll-waggle
-- nubbie, nubbie
-- wiggle-waggle
-- growl-bare-teeth-bark
-- nuzzle-leap-dive-to-ground
-- back-scratch-legs-in-air
-- jump-catch-drool-repeat
-- run-run-puke-and-run-some-more

That's what my baby can do!