Wednesday, July 29, 2009

They Meet

Do you remember Ms. Pac-Man? Do you remember the intermission scene where Pac and Ms. Pac meet and fall in love? Well, that's where my title comes from. However, I'm not talking about little dot-eating blobs (what are the Pacs anyway? perhaps another post...). I'm talking about my two boys. And I'm not talking about their first meeting. Just their first mutual interaction.

When we got home from church tonight, Peyson was in his carrier on the floor, patiently awaiting his moment of release. Aidan began playing with his brother's canopy. Then, all at once, they smiled at each other. A seriously fun game of peek-a-boo ensued with smiles and laughter on both sides. It was as fun to watch as I'm sure it was to play.

I wonder how big brother will make little brother laugh next. Stay tuned...

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