Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ka-chow! And Kaboom!

Aidan has picked up these two exclamations in the past week or so. He runs around the house saying "Ka-chow!" like Lightning McQueen from Disney's Cars. He's only seen this movie twice but apparently he loves living at the speed of Lightning.

It took us a little longer to figure out the source of "kaboom!" Neither Marissa nor I say this. We couldn't think of any movies with "kaboom!" in it. We just didn't know where Aidan had gotten it. Then, last night at a workshop on Spiritual prophecy at church, we heard it. Our pastor, every once in a while, will shout "Kaboom!" Usually when he's happy (which is always!) and following someone's story or comment about an explosion. Mystery solved.

I wonder what other sounds Aidan (and someday Peyson) will bring home. Maybe he'll watch an episode of the old Batman show at a friend's house and come home with "wham!" or "pow!" Who knows? For now, though, I really like "ka-chow!" and "kaboom!"


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