Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For Aidan's second birthday, his great-grandparents got him a Little Tikes basketball set. It showed up a little flat but we got it 3-D'd* as soon as we could.

At an immediate-family-only birthday party, we had cake and then gave Aidan some presents. Each gift was met with much joy; he liked all of them so much, but the basketball set was a hit before it was even put together. He grabbed the ball and slam dunked it immediately! And Aidan's word for the sport? 'Ke'ball! (The exclamation point is essential in spelling it because that's how he says it every time.) He loves it!

We put the goal either in his room or our living room. Aidan makes more shots than I do most days, but I've handicapped myself just a bit. I play on my knees. Aidan giggles each time he makes a shot. So do I. I even giggle when I make a shot. We have such a ball playing ball.

I had the thought of getting a second basket and setting up a mini-court on our hardwood floor. I think it would be a great way to teach him the game. We'll work on dribbling, jumping, lay-ups, guarding, and quick hands and feet. It'll be great! Don't tell Marissa, but I'm even going to paint free-throw and three-point lines on the floor.

Kidding! For now we'll content ourselves by just playing around.


a check came in the mail and we went shopping

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