Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Vision Of Bread

This is what I saw during worship this morning at church:

A six-foot loaf of bread, like you can buy at Subway for parties. It came right at my eyes. I tried to smell it but I knew immediately it was cold and stale. It was hard like a rock. It went away from me and then cracked open in the middle. Dry, crusty dust wafted away from the break. Then, in a moment, the bread received new freshness. It was hot and steamy and smelled wonderful. Then a liquid like hot melted butter mixed with honey oozed from the softened inside of the bread. It looked delicious.

Given the subject of my vision, I thought at first that it was my stomach talking to me. However, after hearing Pastor Linda's message on Jesus being our complete Passover meal, I'm certain it was the Holy Spirit.

Isn't it neat how God can speak to us through all kinds of ways? Jesus is the Bread of Life. He was crucified and broken, cold and dead but new life and new warmth sprang into His body. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is such sweetness to our hungry souls. Jesus is the sustenance; the Holy Spirit is the dessert that's included in the price of the meal. Only together is there true satisfaction, like after eating oven-fresh bread dripping with honey and melted butter.

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