Saturday, April 18, 2009


I misspelled it on purpose. It's actually meconium. It's a newborn's first poopy. It's usually an odorless, black, tar-like substance that's impossible to clean up with just one wipey. It's myconium because I got the privilege of cleaning Peyson when he passed it this afternoon.

I was expecting only a wet diaper. I had my wipeys ready. I had the fresh dipey ready. I undid the old one and grasped his ankles in what I call the three-finger-ankle-grip (thumb and forefinger around nearest ankle and middle finger around far ankle; hold firmly together until baby is clean and ready for fresh diaper). I lifted his legs straight up and began wiping him clean.

Something caught the corner of my eye. A black something. It was round and shiny. I was fascinated for the moment it took me to realize where it was coming from. Then I remembered Aidan's meconium. Jackpot! I grabbed a fresh wipey and commenced wiping. It's hard to wipe meconium; like tar, it's very, very sticky. So, rather than get into a Brer Rabbit wrestling match with endless wipes and mounting frustration, I shielded my fingers with a wipey, grasped the poop in a gentle pinch, and pulled.

And pulled. And pulled. It just kept coming. Understand that time slows down when I'm changing diapers, so it may have been only a few seconds in reality. But it seemed to take a LONG time to help Peyson pass his first poopy. I found myself smiling the whole way though, thoroughly enjoying the experience. The fact that it was not stinky helped a lot.

Afterwards I wondered if my three-finger-ankle-grip helped press on Peyson's tummy. Kinda like a Play-Doh factory. Hmm...

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