Monday, April 20, 2009

Peyson's Prelude

Peyson was born on Thursday. Marissa was discharged Saturday. Peyson was not. He's been in the Level Two Nursery under constant observation since Thursday afternoon because he was working too hard at getting air into his lungs. At first, doctors and nurses weren't sure whether he would turn for the better or for the worse or even what the problem was. It was a wait and see game.

Well, while we waited, we prayed. Our church prayed; my parents' church prayed; Marissa's parents' church prayed; coworkers prayed; parents of other nursery-bound newborns prayed; their churches prayed. Given the theory of six degrees of separation, I wouldn't be surprised to learn on That Day that the entire Body of Christ was praying for Peyson and his roommates, Kingston and Christian. What we saw was daily improvement. In all three members of the group that came to be known among the parents and nurses as the "Three Little Bears."

I know Christian is going home tomorrow. I'm not sure about Kingston. However, I have many more details on Peyson's story. Initially, Peyson looked like he had run a marathon in high altitude without any training whatsoever. His chest rose and fell with such vigor that doctors didn't want him focusing on anything else for a while. This meant his nourishment had to get to him via a tube, either in his arm (IV) or in his nose (feeding tube). He had help breathing with pure, pressurized oxygen in his nose. His heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation, and temperature were constantly monitored. This all combined to produce a heart-rending picture every time I stepped into the nursery over the past several days.

I came back home Sunday evening to resume my duties at work, planning to visit as often as I could until Peyson could come home. Well, I am happy and very excited to report that, on my way to the hospital today, I got an image-message from Marissa. The text was "Look Dad! No wires!" The image was a picture of Peyson, tube-free at his nose and his wrist. The doctors had removed the breathing tube, feeding tube, and IV! My foot felt a little heavier happier on the gas pedal as I drove up IH-35 to South Austin Hospital.

I got there in time for his 5 o'clock feeding and had the honor of giving him Mama's milk via bottle. I never had the chance to do this with Aidan, so this was a completely new experience for me. He took close to three ounces of milk. He smiled at me. He pooped. I held him for about an hour, making noises and faces at him the whole time. It was awesome! He's even been promoted to periodic direct-from-Mama feedings. I'm so proud of my little testimony!

When I got home tonight, I got a voice mail from Marissa (she's been staying at the hospital as Peyson's registered guest). Peyson has made another improvement! He's been moved into the Level One Nursery! He should be home this week, maybe as early as tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it!

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