Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Son The Dictionary

Perhaps Webster would have been a good middle name for Aidan. His spoken vocabulary is growing by several to many words each day. It amazes me how quickly he's picking up on stuff: how to say the word and what it is (if not what it means). I came home yesterday and he'd added "green" to his colors; today, he added "pink." He's got more than a full rainbow (still working on "indigo"!).

His alphabet is growing too. He's had trouble with saying the letter N until tonight. We were out shopping for teacher shoes tonight and Aidan was patiently decorating his coloring book. He drew a squiggle and said, "N." Marissa gaped; my socks flew off and hit the salesman in the face. He said it again. And to date, that's the only letter he hadn't conquered in his name. I'm not sure exactly how this happened but Marissa got him to also say his name. It came out like "Ainan" but he repeated it, so we're pretty sure he's aware of himself now (and his name).

Lately, he's also added the following: back, orange, chicken, pig, oink, blanket, cup, cake, cookie, raisin, banana, button, belly, two, tree, hair, fish, tiger, and lion. And the list keeps growing. Of course, he hasn't mastered Oxford pronunciation yet but—dang it—he's a Texan! Give him some time!

Exciting times! Exciting times! I wonder if another blog might soon become necessary??

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