Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elbow Rubbing, Texas Style

I drove a charter today for a locally headquartered manufacturing company to New Braunfels for dinner. I actually got to eat with them too (on their penny). I was seated at a table with the company's founder, his son, and the current CEO. I felt pretty important. But we do things a bit differently in Texas.

The restaurant we ate at is Clear Springs Restaurant. Catfish, hush puppies, ribs, burgers, shrimp, and other "Texas seafood" items. All eaten by a group of people clad in business suits. It was a strange affair.

Some of the guests included visitors from Korea, Germany, the UK, and Australia (not sure what sort of three-day meeting it was), so I got to try out my language and geography skills a bit. I spoke enough German to the Germans to let them know that I knew enough German to say I don't remember much of my German, but they smiled and nodded their heads knowingly. I talked to an Aussie about my middle school adventure down under some fifteen years ago. We laughed about Vegemite and "correct" world maps before I got a "Good on ya, mate!" I was thrilled.

I had a good time but had to stop the fun when they offered me a beer. I reminded them how they were getting home and they quickly changed their minds.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. As an appetizer, onion rings were ordered. My supervisor had told me about the towers of onion rings that Clear Springs had. I was expecting a tall but narrow tower of golden rings. No. Not quite a tower. More like a mound 15 inches tall. And one plate for each table of four (4). And wow were they good!

If you like fried foods and lots of them, I recommend Clear Springs. But you may want to leave the tie at home and bring overalls instead.

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