Monday, December 1, 2008

She Smelled Like Fried Chicken

Twice now I've had two different female passengers board my bus with a lunch of fried chicken. Today, I jokingly commented to one that it wasn't fair. She immediately apologized and closed her take-home box. The smell wasn't so easily dispatched. A craving came over me and I've yet to satisfy it.

What is it about smells that trigger such Pavlovian responses in hungry people? I think the advertising industry is missing out on a gold mine in smell-response ads. I realize there's no such thing as SmellNet or Smellevision, but there could be. Marketing firms ought to find a chemist and bankroll his way to a patent to get this going.

Consider this: you walk by a bakery and what is it that draws you through the door? You go to see a movie, adamant that you won't buy any popcorn, yet you do. You stroll by a restaurant with fajita-scent being piped out through the roof and your mouth begins to water. I have to wonder if perfume originated as a means to cover up the scent of a decaying corpse or if it was advertising for the world's oldest profession. Either way, it's a brilliant use of the human nose.

Imagine the sales at Wendy's if they showed a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger and aromaed the bacon with the commercial. And at 99 cents, who's not going to run out the door to buy one? Or what if a commercial for Febreze gave you a sample and you could actually compare your living room's odor from one moment to the next? The possibilities are endless; however, I'm sure there'd have to be some sort of censorship. I wouldn't want to smell beer or fertilizer ads. Maybe a parental control switch to let only approved-for-the-whole-family fragrances waft into the home with each ad? Our noses are powerful things. Television and internet advertisers should make use of them.

Enough said. I'm off to KFC.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean,

Check out!

Boogar McPhoo

got boogars?

Marissa said...

Advertising by smell might work...except with pregnant women. And all women who've experienced the horrible sensation of pungent smells while being pregnant--especially the sushi bar at H.E.B.--say, "Amen!"

Anonymous said...

hmm, could this be one of your 21 new ideas you're supposed to bank on?